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Triadz! Triadz! Rated Stars Triadz! is a great free puzzle game! Try to defeat your opponent! Puzzles - Sliding Well Mahjong Well Mahjong Rated Stars Be the first to discover new stylish mahjong! Start your adventure right now! Puzzles - Other Well Sudoku Well Sudoku Rated Stars The objective is to fill the entire grid with numbers without repeating Puzzles - Other Gemz! Gemz! Rated Stars Discover our awesome gem-sliding puzzle game! Puzzles - Sliding Digitz! Digitz! Rated Stars Digitz!- only digits, digits and digits once more. Test you knowledge of Math! Puzzles - Sliding Searcherz! Searcherz! Rated Stars Searcherz! is a brand new quiz game! This game is based on absolutley fresh idea Puzzles - Other Tangramz! Tangramz! Rated Stars Tangramz! multiplayer game is built on the idea of ancient Chinese puzzle. Puzzles - Other Sumz! Sumz! Rated Stars Sumz! is a spicy mix of Math and Tetris games! Puzzles - Falling Shumujong! Shumujong! Rated Stars Shumujong%u2122 (digitz mahjong) is a free game built on the rules of classic mahjong Puzzles - Other Wordz! Wordz! Rated Stars Complete words simply by swapping white letters to change words to one color! Puzzles - Sliding Xonicz! Xonicz! Rated Stars Xonicz! is a great arcade game with a unique concept! Numberz! Numberz! Rated Stars Math game Numberz! will bring you unlimited fun! Numberz! is a free puzzle game. Puzzles - Other Dropz! Dropz! Rated Stars Join our water adventure and have fun with Dropz! Puzzles - Other Brickz!2 Brickz!2 Rated Stars Try the brand new addictive sequel of famous game - Brickz! 2 Step by Step Puzzles - Other Dropz'n'Heartz! Dropz'n'Heartz! Rated Stars Join our water adventure and have fun with Dropz'n'Heartz! Puzzles - Other Fitz! Fitz! Rated Stars The piping-hot game Fitz! is a new generation of match-three puzzles! Puzzles - Sliding

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